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RUGC Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel

Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course aims to enhance the development of Kigali Golf Resort and Villas (KGRV) by maximizing the potential of one of the most coveted and environmentally-friendly areas in Kigali city. As part of RUGC's vision, a boutique hotel will be introduced to complement the existing amenities.

RUGC Branded Villas Concept
Branded Villa 2.png

Branded Villas

Extending the hotel experience are a series of villas that will be a “string of pearls” in the landscape surrounding the golf course with views and access directly onto it.

RUGC Residential Estates

Residential Estates

Surrounding the golf course and wetland are a series of residential estates which will provide different design offerings calibrated to targeted sectors of the market

Restaurant 2.png

Restaurant and Retail Zone

Sites adjacent to the golf clubhouse and water have been targeted for commercial development. This is to take advantage of the proximity to the existing major road, as well as to provide mixed uses to the development.

Wetlands 2.jpg


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