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TERMS OF REFERENCE: New Clubhouse Sound System Digital Software

Section A: Introduction

Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course Ltd. intends to develop Kigali Golf Resort & Villas to international standards in order to position Kigali for Golf Tourism. These terms of reference aim at providing the required information on the Notebook Computers.


Section B: Requirements

1. Name of the Project  

New Clubhouse Sound System Digital Software

2. Procuring Entity

Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course Ltd



3. Purpose of the Project

These terms of reference has been prepared and published to request interested bidders to submit their proposals for the Project.

The purpose is summarized as follow:

New Clubhouse Sound System Digital Software


4. Scope of the assignment

To provide a multi outlets Digital Sound System software that offers diversified Instrumental Music Playlist customized to the look & feel of each zone of the new club house. These customized tailored made music channels are created and uploaded on a iCloud and updated as needed by the provider. Furthermore, seasonal and specific playlists are to be tailored made for the purpose of the use needed.5. Documents to be submitted by the bidder. 

The offer shall be made of:

1.     Trading license

2.     List of products available and prices

3.     Certificate of good completion of the projects of similar nature and complexity, from the firms



6. Deadline for bid submission. 

    All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope at RUGC office by Wednesday 20th March 2024 at 5PM.

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